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Changes effective January 1, 2023 RE: Document Preparation

Effective January 1, 2023.

To better serve our customers we have decided that we can no longer produce documents, such as Small Claims, Eviction documents, Garnishments etc. This will allow us to concentrate on getting the jobs into the database and out for service quicker. We feel that we will be able to better serve your needs in this manner. We will continue to File, Serve, Appear at First Appearances, File Affidavits with the court and be here if you have any questions.

We will continue to produce the documents that you send us this month while we help you get set up to take over that part.

I will be right here to help you with the transition.

Most commonly used documents can be found on the Forms Tab on www.malstroms.com if the forms you seek are not there,

feel free to reach out to us !
I am looking forward to our continued business relationship.

COVID-19 News

Due to the current Pandemic, we are only allowing Public Access to our Office by Appointment Only. Please Call (503) 585-0234 to set up an appointment time.

All requests can be:
-Emailed to: [email protected] or

-Mailed to: 155 Culver Ln S, Salem, OR 97302 or

-Left in the drop box at the front door of: 155 Culver Ln S., Salem, OR 97302

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

From 10 things to tell yourself everyday # 7

I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

This is something that you should tell yourself when you wake up every morning. Every new day offers a fresh start and also makes an impact on others around you. You can make anything of that day that you like because you are the architect of your own life. If you begin your day with a positive thought and feeling it will transform your day into something incredible.

Where can I e-File ?

As of today, 4/21/17 you can e-File in all Oregon counties;

OJD eFiling using Odyssey File & Serve is available in all Oregon circuit courts and the Oregon Tax Court.



FEDs & Notice of Restitution

Service of an FED or Notice of Restitution MUST  be completed by the next judicial day following E-filing. When E-filing documents it is imperative to get them to the server ASAP for valid service.

Help us help you, by calling our office prior to filing to ensure there are no service conflicts.

Thought for the day

Practice Kindness with everyone, yourself included.

Electronic Filing (E-filing) in Oregon

Here is some info on E-filing:

We can E-file your documents prior to service for you; whether you’re an Attorney, Private Individual, or Business.
As with routine conventional filing, there is no extra charge for routine E-filing if it is in conjunction with our company providing service of process. If Rush filing is required, please call for price quote.

As of today Mandatory E-Filing is required in all Counties in Oregon:
Electronic filing is mandatory for active members of the Oregon State Bar filing documents in all circuit courts in Oregon:

Electronic filing is now available for counties in Oregon


Our New Website

We are happy to announce the launch our re-designed website. Did you know that you can track all of the work we do for you from our Status Page? Call to find out your unique login and password for our status page.